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Acai The Superfood

Did you know that acai berries contain powerful antioxidants, essential nutrients & vitamins that are said to contribute to improved physical health? Did you also know that they’re super delicious and, since becoming theI Want More!

Age Is Just a Number?

So Monday I turned…drumroll…46 and yikes! How did that happen? I may need to rethink this whole #MonthOfAlya bit… I certainly don’t feel 46 (except occasionally in my bones), actI Want More!

It’s Going Down For Real

I’ve been wanting to change the floors in our condo since the day I moved in +16yrs ago! Well, the time has finally come and I’m beyond excited to finallyI Want More!

It’s Going Down For Real!

Floors! the floors in our apt are going down and shit’s getting real up in here. So while you’re brunch-ing or barre-ing or whatever it is you’re doing on thisI Want More!