Acai The Superfood

Did you know that acai berries contain powerful antioxidants, essential nutrients & vitamins that are said to contribute to improved physical health? Did you also know that they’re super delicious and, since becoming the latest trend in superfoods, cost a small fortune to buy?

I’ve had the tiny, purple berry claiming to hold superpowers in shake form and with summer winding down, it was time I gave the acai bowl a try. For one, they’re beautiful and would make for a great IG photo and two, this photo popped up on my Facebook memories today and I almost died! It’s time to take this body back baby!!!

body goals
Me 5 years ago #bodygoals

So, this morning Jacob & I took a drive to California Yogurt in Margate & $17 later we were the proud owners of 2 acai bowls; the Classic with strawberries, bananas, granola & honey for me & the (name escapes me) with pineapples, bananas, granola & coconut shavings for him…

acai bowls, healthy and delicious

Pronounced ah-sah-EE & touted as a superfood by the health industry for years, the acai berry is so packed with goodies that it practically bursts in your mouth. Perhaps the reason it’s name actually means “crying berry”.

Want to learn more about this superfood? Here are a few great articles on the benefits as well as Fun Facts and DIY recipes which I plan to try so I can support my new acai love affair!

Pretty right? Check it out on my Instagram feed and let me know if you have a favorite way to eat it?


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