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food is love and I love to eat and make good food

Caramelized Sweet Plantains

I was in search of the perfect plantain recipe & since I couldn’t find one, I made one up. If you like plantains, you will love this healthy & deliciousI Want More!

Acai The Superfood

Did you know that acai berries contain powerful antioxidants, essential nutrients & vitamins that are said to contribute to improved physical health? Did you also know that they’re super delicious and, since becoming theI Want More!

First Day of Spring

It’s finally here, the first day of spring! There are tons of reasons to celebrate but for me there are really 5; warmer weather, al fresco dining, open toe shoes,I Want More!

Perfect Day To Pretend

With the weather hitting mid-70s in Philadelphia today…seriously?, I took the opportunity to lunch at one of my favorite Rittenhouse spots, Gran Caffe L’Aquila pretending I’m on the Italian RivieraI Want More!

It’s National Margarita Day

It’s #NationalMargaritaDay so I have to ask, how do you like yours? Have a great recipe I can try “tonight“? 😉  Here’s one for my favorite kind of Margie, bloodI Want More!

Baking Blondie Bars

I’m in a mood. Not in the I-hate-all-mankind kind but in the if-I-don’t-stop-I’ll-be-wearing-mom-jeans kind. Baking! Brownies, Blondies, Cookies. The delicious desserts none of us need and all of us loveI Want More!

Puttin’ on the Ritz

Aqimero, the newish restaurant in the lobby of The Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia may have received ok reviews from the “critics” and their dirty martinis may be on the all-too-clean sideI Want More!

Celebrating the Chinese New Year 

Jacob insisted we celebrate the Chinese New Year by “catching” our own dinner at the Tai Lake Restaurant in China Town. Everything you order comes straight from the tanks includingI Want More!

Great Week

Celebrating a great week with homemade Spaghetti Alle Vongole, prosecco and beautiful tulips courtesy of my awesome hubby! Have a great weekend and be sure to pause and enjoy someI Want More!

Not Another Coffee Spot!?

Yes…Well…Sort of but, with a beautiful twist…it’s a BYOB! Took mom to the new fast-casual hybrid coffeshop/bar/restaurant Res Ipsa Cafe at 22nd and Walnut for a little afternoon coffee ANDI Want More!

Yummy Dinner in the Burbs

Left the big city for a delicious dinner with friends in the suburbs of NJ at The Farm and Fisherman.

Love Brussels Sprouts?

If you don’t love Brussels sprouts than you haven’t had my Brussels sprouts! Check out this simple, delicious and healthy recipe made with all Trader Joe’s ingredients and tell meI Want More!

A healthy snack 

Jacob asked for a healthy after school snack so I whipped this up and he loved it! Would your child eat it? Burrata, tomatoes and peppers sprinkled with extra virginI Want More!

This Kid

So thankful for this kid ??❤️#HappyThanksgiving

Like Butter

Had a great dinner with an old friend at Butter tonight and I have to say that everything from the bacon to the brussels to the beignets, was delicious.  BestI Want More!

Turkish Delight

I love that even after 16 years in Philadelphia, I’m still discovering new spots like ManaKeesh. After dropping Jacob off at ballroom dancing, stumbled upon this Lebanese café and bakeryI Want More!