How Do You Organize Family Photos

My all time favorite family photo just popped up in Facebook memories & it got me both nostalgic and curious. Can’t believe this was taken 5 years ago!

If you’re anything like me & take photos of everyone & everything, how do you manage your photos? Would love a good solution for organizing, saving & sharing beyond the usual; Facebook, Instagram, & Google photos. Oh and the ability to also print would be great because my grandma doesn’t have a computer and needs physical photos (to show off her grandkids to the ladies at adult daycare 😉).

Thanks fellow bloggers & have an awesome weekend! 💋



2 thoughts on “How Do You Organize Family Photos

  1. Check out retail locations like Walmart and Walgreens where you can upload your pictures and have them printed in whatever format you like. They have lots of options on different things you can do with your photos.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Tony. I used Shutterfly also but was hoping for a good way to organize too. Need to be more disciplined about saving and labeling I guess.

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