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food is love and I love to eat and make good food

Yom Kippur Fast To Feast 

Getting ready for the Yom Kippur fast? Yeah me too and not looking forward to it. What I AM looking forward to is the break-the-fast-feast and a repeat of thisI Want More!

Harp & Crown Grand Opening 

Checking out the hot new ticket in town, Harp & Crown. First things first, the cocktail.   I started with the Ruby Slippers…yummy and then, we went to town onI Want More!

Cali #foodporn

Attending conferences is sometimes fun, often educational and always exhausting.  So many new people to meet, names to remember and conversations (some good some mind numbing) to have. Even ifI Want More!

Roasted Bone Marrow 

I’ve been wanting to try making roasted bone marrow for quite some time. Little did I know just how easy it was.  Here we go. Preheat oven to 400 F.I Want More!

Back For More!

We’ve been planning this all summer, the return to Key West Tacos in Cape May, NJ. Once again, it didn’t disappoint. If you go and you must, try an assortmentI Want More!

Fish Tacos

On Monday, I made fish tacos and they were deeelicious! Thanks Chowhound for the recipe but I took lots of liberties with the citrus marinade and cabbage slaw (I didn’tI Want More!

Summer Is

Beach, Love and Food…Lots of Food! Happy Weekend Everyone!

How do you say #FoodPorn in French?

Ever try Cherry Clafoutis, the popular French dessert made with cherries and crêpe-like batter?  Unlike a traditional custard, clafoutis contains flour making the texture somewhat dense, and the thicker batterI Want More!

Mussels with Mama

My grandmother is remarkable.  At 84, she handled knee surgery like a pro and already doing PT and looking forward to going to the salon.  While she recovers, my momI Want More!

Gooey Chocolaty Brownies 

Want to make a child happy? Then you’ve come to the right place my friend.   This dessert is simple, quick and delicious.  Take petite brownie bites, top them withI Want More!

Yummy Anniversary Dinner 

Used Ginza to cater a few of our events and good to see that their sushi is still just as delicious! Yummy Anniversary dinner!!! #Sushi #dinner #foodie #foodporn 

Bizarre Foods

Bizarre foods Margate edition starts tonight! Clams, shrimp, squid and… Pig heart ❤ The things you can buy at an Asian market! Bon Appétit and where can I get aI Want More!

A Mexican Fun Spot

Tried a new Mexican spot for dinner tonight and while the food at Wahoo’s was decent, the atmosphere was fun for a friday family outing. The surfer vibe interior was festiveI Want More!

Oh Kale Yeah! 

Started the day with a delicious and nutritious smoothie made of almond milk, bananas, pineapples and kale… Wonder if this zeros out last nights alcohol? Yummy!