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International Women’s Day

Hey guys, it’s #internationalwomensday day! Hint! Hint! Sending my ❤️to the #strong #loving & #beautiful #women who made me who I am today!!! XoXo Here’s a bit of history onI Want More!

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

There’s a Wocket in My Pocket brings back so many fun memories of Jacob repeating word for word after me as he was learning how to read. What’s your favoriteI Want More!

What’s Good in Good Ol’ Canada?

Spring break is around the corner which only means one thing, family trip! We’re thinking Canada and more specifically, Montreal and Quebec so friends, I’m looking for suggestions for makingI Want More!

A Very Special Day

Yesterday was a very special day, the Anniversary of our #FirstDate. I remember the details of that evening and the days leading up to it like it was yesterday. ThisI Want More!

Snow Day

Yesterday, we were driving around the city in 65° weather with the car top down. Today, we celebrate the first? snow day of 2017…I hope you’re prepared with the essentialsI Want More!

Wine and Wisdom with Baba Alla

Nothing like spending a few days catching up over Fu-Ki plum wine, chai and Russian TV while cutting through the immigration BS with my baba Alla. Unlike most of theI Want More!

Celebrating the Chinese New Year 

Jacob insisted we celebrate the Chinese New Year by “catching” our own dinner at the Tai Lake Restaurant in China Town. Everything you order comes straight from the tanks includingI Want More!

Great Week

Celebrating a great week with homemade Spaghetti Alle Vongole, prosecco and beautiful tulips courtesy of my awesome hubby! Have a great weekend and be sure to pause and enjoy someI Want More!

Swimming with Manatees!

I just realized that I never posted this so here goes and will summarize the full family Florida road trip soon. We kicked off 2017 with one big check offI Want More!

Saying Goodbye to Miami 

After a few days in the SoBe sun, we were ready for the adventurous portion of our Florida family trip. We started at the EPIC hotel which didn’t really workI Want More!

RIP George Michael 

First Michael Jackson then Prince and now, George Michael! My childhood music icons are all dead and I’m beyond sad ?  RIP George and here’s a little tribute from tonightI Want More!

Happy Holidays!

Happy Hanukkah  Merry Christmas No matter what you celebrate, I wish you a happy and healthy holiday and hope you’re celebrating surrounded by loved ones! We’re continuing our family traditionI Want More!

My Mini Hanukkah Bush

Show me yours and I’ll show you mine. That’s my itsy bitsy teeny weeny Hanukkah bush. Happy Holidays!

Facebook Memories 

Today’s Facebook memories have me dreaming of past warm weather getaways. This time last year we were in sunny Costa Rica.Two years ago, it was a Cali road trip downI Want More!