Age Is Just a Number?

So Monday I turned…drumroll…46 and yikes! How did that happen? I may need to rethink this whole #MonthOfAlya bit…

I certainly don’t feel 46 (except occasionally in my bones), act it (except when I have to play adult) or hopefully look it (except when I’m due for my semi-annual dose of Botox, falsies and everything else that goes into looking young…I mean good).

Yes, age is just a number but so is the millions we as a society spend chasing the fountain of youth. That said, I totally agree…the better you feel about yourself, the happier you are. The happier you are, the better and probably more youthful you will look regardless of age. Fun Fact, did you know that Smiling Can Make You Happier (in 30 Milliseconds or Less!). Can’t argue with science!

SMILE, it’s good for you!

The reality is that the body is like a machine; the better you take care of it, the better it will run and last I heard, there’s a lot that goes into maintaining a fine automobile. So, why should the body, the face and the mind be any different?

Like many of you, I have friends who were born old. You know the type. No zest for life. Ever. Everything is an effort. Every sentence begins with an Oy and ends with a Vey. They were never young so for them getting old is whatever.

For those of us holding on to our youth it’s another story.

Many of my friends who are also in their 40’s look fantastic! They exercise, eat healthy, take great care of their skin and hair and dress to fit their body. They also dabble in plastic surgery and why shouldn’t they? I am of the firm belief that one should do whatever they want (or need) to stay and look young BUT, I’m also a firm believer that one has to do it for themselves and no one else! From temporarily coloring grays to permanently enhancing breasts, do it because it makes you feel better and not because your boyfriend or husband likes you blonder or perkier.

I have lots of little secrets that I’ve picked up over the years that help me feel and look younger and would love to share those with you but I’m curious, what are yours? What do you do to look and feel your best?

A few of mine are; Coconut oil as a night cream (although I hear that shea butter may be even better). Hair conditioner instead of soap for shaving while in the shower and my favorite DIY that’s super easy, affordable and EFFECTIVE, a facial treatment that uses only 2 ingredients, lemon and honey. I love to use this homemade scrub once a week and looks like I’m not alone! Check out the quick tutorial and how to here and hope it works as great for you as it does for me! Bonus, it’s natural and tastes delish!

Here’s All You Need to DIY it!

Cut Lemon in half, pick out any seeds
Add 1 teaspoon Honey to the Lemon
Gently exfoliate your face with the Lemon and Honey
Leave mixture on for 5-10 minutes and then rinse with warm water

Oh and I also DIY my roots but mostly because I don’t have the patience to sit through hours of salon appointments. This girl has things to do and blogs to write you know!

Want further proof that age is just a number? Take a walk with me down memory lane to 1987 when hair was BIG and my thighs were even BIGGER!

So ladies and gents, I guess we can all agree that chasing the fountain of youth is not cheap, or even particularly easy. Whether you’re sprinting or merely jogging just make sure you’ve done your research and you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Ok, dish! What are your beauty secrets from DIY to decadent, I want to know!

2 thoughts on “Age Is Just a Number?

  1. Argan oil on my face… but I guess I take more care of my “inside” than my “outside”, with healthy eating and exercise. Totally agree with the smiling (and laughing)… have to tell you about the HaHa CISV game!

    1. My grandmother just told me about argan oil, she puts it on everything! Tell me about the haha game, do they have a middle aged version 😜

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