It’s Going Down For Real

I’ve been wanting to change the floors in our condo since the day I moved in +16yrs ago! Well, the time has finally come and I’m beyond excited to finally have the floors I’ve always wanted.

After a ton of research (Houzz was super helpful) and back and fourth with various flooring stores (brick & mortar and online) we landed on this taupe/gray wide plank oak COREtec Plus floor. It’s the latest in floating floors and it’s going down as I write this while drinking a yummy red! What do you think? Here is the old pine against the new…

The Bedroom hallway…

And the boys room…

It’s a real pain in the you-know-what to install and up until today you-know-who has been doing most of the installing but I think it looks awesome and can’t wait for it to be done so I can start merchandising!!!

If you’re in the market for a new floor, let me know. I’ve done the research and can help guide you in the right direction.

4 thoughts on “It’s Going Down For Real

  1. Hi Alya,

    Have you had any issues with your new Coretec Plus HD floor since you installed it? Do you still like it?

    1. Hi Alexandra,
      It was not easy to install but since it has been down, I love it! It looks beautiful and so far has been maintenance free.
      Are you considering it?
      If so, go for it just make sure you have someone experienced doing the install.

      1. Thanks Alya, glad to hear that. Yes my husband and I are leaning towards this color. It is difficult to picture how the full installation would look like based on a small sample. Would you say that your pictures well reflect the color tone and variation of these planks? We’re looking for a floor that has a nice balance of brown and gray…

        1. Ours are pretty close to accurate. We were going to go with the darker color but decided on 1 shade lighter and so glad we did. Really love how the gray/taupe picks up on all the metals.
          Good luck and please share pictures when you’re done!

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