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I live to travel and see the world

I Survived!

This backpack says, “I conquered the Camel while staying at JW Marriott hotels Camelback Inn Scottsdale” but I was too busy posing to notice that it was inside out! ThisI Want More!

Sexy and Scandalous

No I’m not referring to our weekend in Washington ? but more so, my new favorite D.C. hotel. With its sexy interior, panoramic views of the Patomac, luxurious rooms, coolI Want More!

National Portrait Gallery 

A few of my favorite shots from today’s visit to the National Portrait Gallery in DC. Lots of cool exhibitions from the permanent America’s Presidents… To the limited like “BillI Want More!

Frontier Air?

Anyone flown Frontier air? Flights are inexpensive but the reviews are terrible. Please help!

The Bacara Resort & Spa

My home away from home for a few days while attending the iMedia Breakthrough Summit in Santa Barbara was the Breathtaking Bacara Resort & Spa. Another #UniqueExperience in the booksI Want More!

CISV Will Change Your Life

If you follow me on social media than I’m certain that you’ve seen and read about my son Jacob’s incredible summer experience in Norway.  If at any point you saidI Want More!

Cali #foodporn

Attending conferences is sometimes fun, often educational and always exhausting.  So many new people to meet, names to remember and conversations (some good some mind numbing) to have. Even ifI Want More!

Time to Travel

Sadly, Amsterdam and Berlin are all but a distant memory.  No time like the present to dive in to pick our next travel destination. Turing to my travel bible andI Want More!

Beach Life 

So happy to be back at the beach! Toes in the warm sand or up to the sky, there’s no other place I would rather be. Well, maybe not entirelyI Want More!

Guess Who’s Coming Home!?

To say that we’re excited to get our boy back would be an understatement! Can’t wait for the hugs, kisses and stories of his adventures!!! Woohoo!!!

Hosting Fun

The only way to get through not having Jacob around for one whole month is to host 3 awesome kids and smother them ? After attending International night during whichI Want More!

Amsterdam Here We Come!

It’s not too late. If you have must-not-miss, off-the-beaten-path Amsterdam recommendations, shoot them my way! Bedankt!

And He’s Off!

Fingers crossed for a safe and amazing trip. I miss him already ? but so excited for him and this incredible opportunity! #CISV #Norway #bonvoyage

Today Is The Day 

Today is the day. My baby is setting out on a life-changing experience and I’m sad. I was excited and still am but today, I’m just sad and a littleI Want More!

A Lazy #SoBe Sunday

I love a lazy SoBe Sunday 🌞🍸 Wish it didn’t have to end! #sobe #Miami #Florida #sobelife