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Today is Small Biz Saturday 

Shop Small Business Saturday, save big and feel like a queen ?  Well maybe not a queen but you get the point.  So many great deals, so little time! #ShopSmall

Better than Sex?

I’m at Sephora looking for a new tube of LAURA MERCIER Smooth Finish Flawless Fluide. I love it, it makes me feel pretty and look younger but guess what theI Want More!

Right on Target

The most anticipated opening of the season is not the hottest new boutique or restaurant but the brand new Target on 18th and Chestnut Street off of Rittenhouse Square.  AtI Want More!

Cleaning House

More like cleaning closet and trying thredUP for the first time. Just as soon as I opened the giant polka dot bag, it was packed further confirming that I’m aI Want More!

If It’s Good Enough For Angels

How amazing are these felted backpacks that look like you’re wearing a pair of Wings? Created by Belarus-based artist, Volha Kotova’s unique bags are constructed with felted sheep’s wool andI Want More!

Shoe Dilemma 

I tortured my very patient husband while shopping in Amsterdam because I couldn’t decide on which strap combo to get for these MKswitchit platforms.  It was our last day, moreI Want More!

A Pleasant Surprise 

A few weeks ago I placed an order with Oriental Trading. I’ve perused  their vibrant and somewhat kitschy website hundreds of times before and finally, had a legitimate reason toI Want More!

Retail Therapy

Speaking of retail therapy, stopped by the Bloomingdale’s Outlet to check out what’s what and pickedup these Sergio Rossi gold stunners at 60% off! You wouldn’t even believe how muchI Want More!

Sale of the Season

Joan Shepp’s infamous basement sale is on now through Sunday and trust me, you don’t want to miss it! I’m not one for sports analogies but if local sales areI Want More!

Superb Timing

Walked into Hello World after sitting in an all day conference and my new best friend the owner was just about to pop open a bottle of Prosecco! And thatI Want More!

A DC Tradition

I’m not a traditional person but I do love a great tradition especially one that involves lots of eating and drinking. When Jacob was a baby, we started what mayI Want More!

Balmain Launches at H&M

My all-time favorite French design line, Balmain launches at H&M today.  Too bad I, like most of us, have a job and couldn’t afford to stand in a 2 dayI Want More!

Has Anyone Shopped Zaful?

The fashion site has the hottest, trendiest and cheapest stuff, my bag is full and ready to be ordered but I’m a bit skeptical! The reviews are mixed but it’s freeI Want More!

At An Industry Conference

And just learned that Healthcare is not the #1 most boring industry, Insurance is…phew! Not sure if that makes me feel better but know what does? A fashion moment whileI Want More!

What Caught My Eye

Went to Franklin Mills Mall which is now called Philadelphia Mills (tells you how long its been since my last visit) to blow off some steam and check out theI Want More!

Back To School Shopping

Was great for this mom who made out like a bandit! Check out my new Adidas hightops, who knew I could be so cool? Best part?  They retail for $235I Want More!