So This Happened Last Night

You know how sometimes you get all dressed up to attend a speaker event and book signing for a really interesting person whose work you admire and have followed forI Want More!

Spring has Sprung

Spring has sprung in Philadelphia and the city is covered in cotton candy colored Cherry Blossoms. If you think that Washington DC is the only place to experience the beautifulI Want More!

Is This Thing On?

my site has been down so let’s see if this works…look pretty flowers!

The Importance of

Exposing my son to the arts is right up there with exposing him to great food and travel. It is one of the reasons we’ve remained in the city andI Want More!

The Philadelphia Flower Show

Just when I thought the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show couldn’t get any more spectacular, they go ahead and introduce a new and even more elaborate theme like this years, HollandI Want More!

An Exclusive Preview 

So lucky to live in a city where the name Koresh is a part of its very cultural fiber. Saturday night, we were honored to have been invited to anI Want More!

Puttin’ on the Ritz

Aqimero, the newish restaurant in the lobby of The Ritz-Carlton in Philadelphia may have received ok reviews from the “critics” and their dirty martinis may be on the all-too-clean sideI Want More!

Not Another Coffee Spot!?

Yes…Well…Sort of but, with a beautiful twist…it’s a BYOB! Took mom to the new fast-casual hybrid coffeshop/bar/restaurant Res Ipsa Cafe at 22nd and Walnut for a little afternoon coffee ANDI Want More!

Gay Bingo!

Who knew there was such a thing but there is and it was a ton of fun all in support of a great organization, the AIDS fund. GayBINGO is aI Want More!

Rockin’ a Faux Hawk 

Love the faux hawk Dana (not to be confused with the bride) at Heads & Tails created for last tonight’s wedding celebration ✌️️Last night’s wedding at Osteria also felt likeI Want More!

Think You’ve Seen Everything?

Think again! The streets of Philadelphia are being taken over by dinosaurs and today, I came across one that nearly made me want to scream until…I realized that this littleI Want More!

Turkish Delight

I love that even after 16 years in Philadelphia, I’m still discovering new spots like ManaKeesh. After dropping Jacob off at ballroom dancing, stumbled upon this Lebanese café and bakeryI Want More!

Harp & Crown Grand Opening 

Checking out the hot new ticket in town, Harp & Crown. First things first, the cocktail.   I started with the Ruby Slippers…yummy and then, we went to town onI Want More!

Right on Target

The most anticipated opening of the season is not the hottest new boutique or restaurant but the brand new Target on 18th and Chestnut Street off of Rittenhouse Square.  AtI Want More!