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Fashion is my life because I see style in everything and everyone and if I don’t, I try to change it

Age Is Just a Number?

So Monday I turned…drumroll…46 and yikes! How did that happen? I may need to rethink this whole #MonthOfAlya bit… I certainly don’t feel 46 (except occasionally in my bones), actI Want More!

On Day One in Mykonos

After Athens and on day 1 on the fabulous island of Mykonos, we spend a glorious day at Scorpios, an over the top beach club where I finally got toI Want More!

Current Mood

Jacob arrived safely in Portugal so now it’s time for the adults to party. Greece here we come! My one rule for packing for this trip, no black! Let’s seeI Want More!

Who Nailed The Met Gala?

Last night the professionally glamorous interpreted the most challenging dress code: avant garde, inspired by Rei Kawakubo/Comme des Garçons – and some handled it better than others. Get the fullI Want More!


Just me and my Bianca D’aniello gold mesh warrior cuff bracelet. Oh yeah and a dirty martini cause Saturday night!

Second Only to Going Commando!

Ladies, I’ve found them, the best undies and they’re at UNIQLO! They’re seamless  They’re comfortable  They come in multiple skin tones, shapes and sizes and best of all They’re underI Want More!