Taylor Swift Ditches Social Media

Isn’t it ironic that the day I receive this “Taylor Swift for Papyrus” birthday card from my parents, she goes and purges all her social media accounts?


Taylor Swift’s Social Media Accounts Were Just Purged: Let the Theories Begin

So what do you think?  Has she been hacked, is she taking a social media break or, doing what I think Twitter should have done a long time ago…shut down temporarily only to announce something big like her new album?

Taylor Swift purges social media

Can’t say I know or care much but apparently today marks the anniversary of “Shake It Off,” it also marks the anniversary of her 1989 announcement. Furthermore, Swifties noticed the pop star is scheduled to appear on Good Morning America August 31.

It’s a nail biter guys but guess nothing left to do but wait and see. Whatever she’s up to, will her fans Shake It Off or Never Ever Get Back Together!? See what I did there 😉

However you feel about her, love that she donates a portion of the proceeds from this card to charity.

Thanks Taylor and thanks mom & dad!

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