School Pics, Do You Buy Them?

I take so many photos of my son that in the past few years, I’ve stopped buying school portraits all together. This latest round AND my low tech grandmother have me second guessing that decision however …how do I resist buying this!?

Got me thinking about the days when picture day was a big deal. For us and then later for when our kids were tiny. We would dress up, make sure our makeup was on point and our hair was extra special (in my defense, I was a huuuge Jack Wagner fan). Nailed it, no?

Well those days are over. Technology, specifically the cell phone, has pretty much killed the school photo industry right? Or am I alone here? I don’t even know when they’re being taken and only learn of their existence while snooping through Jacob’s backbreaking backpack.

I suppose great grandparents will keep the school portrait industry on respirator until everyone is either on Facebook or has a cell phone.

For all you parents of school age kids, do you still buy the photos your kids stuff in their take-home folders or hide at the bottom of their backpacks?

In my defense , even Jack Wagner had bad hair days!

I hate the 90’s!

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