One City that Personifies You?

If you had to choose one city that you’ve traveled to that personifies your personality, what city would it be? Why?

I’ll start and say Paris!


Why? There are so many faces to the City of Lights. On the surface it’s pretty perfect; poised, pristine and put together but, if you spend some meaningful time getting to know it, you will learn that it has much to offer. I often feel like that’s me or, how people perceive me at first sight. I can’t say I like it but such is the society that we live in where people judge before they get to know someone on a deeper level. Here’s one of my older travel posts from Paris, Ménage à trois when we introduced Jacob to this magical city at the awesome age of 6!

Ok enough about me, your turn…tell me!

14 thoughts on “One City that Personifies You?

  1. It’s a lame answer, but even though I have travelled to a few cities, I think my hometown represents me. Cape Town. The weather has mood swings, with a variety of people and foods. You can’t quite pin down a genre or theme for the city, the hustle and bustle keeps going for some while others lounge on the beach and forget that it’s a Tuesday!

    Second, for similar reasons (minus the beach!) is London.

    1. That’s fantastic. I’ve never been to Cape Town but from what I see and hear about it, I can see why you would pick it! Hope to visit one day soon 💋

  2. Oh I just love love Paris. I went for my honeymoon and it is so beautiful that I can’t wait to go back. We enjoyed every single thing about the place (except how stinky the streets can be on early mornings and the dog poop).

    1. I adore Paris! My husband surprised me with a trip for our 15th Anniversary because he knew that it is the only place where I wanted to be! 💋

  3. If I had to choose one city I think it would be Charleston! I may be biased since I just got back from here but it was so beautiful, classic and quaint! I just fell in love with it!

    1. I’ve heard great things about Charlestown; the history, the people but mostly the food! I can’t wait to visit and taste for myself! 💋

  4. Korea personifies my personality. It’s fun but reserved, different but also western. I just love it. Best place I’ve ever been to.

    1. Another amazing place I’ve yet to visit! Just when I thought I was doing a good job of seeing the world, there’s still so much to see and do. Thanks, adding to the Bucket List 💋

    1. Me too! I lived in New York and there’s really no city like it but it does get exhausting at times especially, if you’re not a billionaire. An idea…6 months in Paris and 6 in New York 💋

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