Author: Alya

Taylor Swift Ditches Social Media

Isn’t it ironic that the day I receive this “Taylor Swift for Papyrus” birthday card from my parents, she goes and purges all her social media accounts? Taylor Swift’s SocialI Want More!

Age Is Just a Number?

So Monday I turned…drumroll…46 and yikes! How did that happen? I may need to rethink this whole #MonthOfAlya bit… I certainly don’t feel 46 (except occasionally in my bones), actI Want More!

On Day One in Mykonos

After Athens and on day 1 on the fabulous island of Mykonos, we spend a glorious day at Scorpios, an over the top beach club where I finally got toI Want More!

When Was the Last Time

When was the last time You did something for the first time? For me, it was cliff jumping at Amoudi Bay in Santorini. I was terrified but it was onI Want More!

Current Mood

Jacob arrived safely in Portugal so now it’s time for the adults to party. Greece here we come! My one rule for packing for this trip, no black! Let’s seeI Want More!