An Exclusive Preview 

So lucky to live in a city where the name Koresh is a part of its very cultural fiber. Saturday night, we were honored to have been invited to an exclusive behind the scenes preview of Koresh Dance Company’s upcoming Home Season performance “Sense Of Human.” The intimate ‘In The Studio’ event was so moving it literally brought tears to my eyes. There is truly something magical about sitting so close to the dancers that you can hear them breathe.

The evening highlighted previous works as well as gave the audience a sneak preview into the upcoming season which kicks off on May 4th at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre. If you’ve never experienced the work of Roni Koresh and his epic ensemble, do yourself a favor and get tickets immediately, you won’t be disappointed.

Here with friend and choreographer extraordinaire, Roni Koresh.

Five brilliant performances, one more spectacular than the next.

Followed by a Q&A with Roni and his brilliant dancers. If only I had the guts to ask them the burning question, how do I look less like a fool and more like a flawless ballerina when I take lessons at their studio? 😬

Bravo friend, bravo!

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